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Sept 1st, 2009

Yes, I have been living in a post-dead-cats/no-show-playing/bought-new-gear-and-need-to-figure-it-out hole but it has been totally worth it. The movie I composed music for, Mr. Merryweather & His Magical Meth Lab, won “BEST IN THE CITY” at this year’s 48-Hour Film Project! And I won for best music score! Yay! God Bless Garageband! Let me back up and not be a Glory Hog. I am a member of Kobra Kommander. Our team leader is Coree Spencer (formerly of Homeless Corner fame). My boyfriend, Dylan Hillerman (of Grand Guignol infamy) is also a part of the team. In two days and two nights we went from zero-material to WIENER! (Check out this blog series following our team’s progress. Thank, Mr. Krk & Ms. Amy!) Our team will compete against other city’s winners in January in hopes of taking the national title. Good luck to us! Next Goal: recreating the soundtrack to Final Fantasy VIII by my birthday!

Dec 13th, 2008

I put down Orbiti, my white cat, last night... He was 18... I put his brother, Creepy Boy, the black cat, down in late May... I have had these two creatures my entire adult life... they have defined me... they both amplified and chased away the "Crazies"... It's a sad and beautiful thing, watching someone's life slip away... I can honestly say that I have known and experienced true, deep, and lasting love...
Today is hard... akl

Nov 15th, 2008

Singing the National Anthem @ the Roller Derby Tourny @ the Expo Center on Sunday. Hope to see you there! Have a couple of November & December shows coming up. Hope to see you there, too! akl

August 14th, 2008

Since I have moved to this town, I have never been a "Pick of the Week"... I have received many nice reviews, none of which were "picks"... I've been on some bills, like the amazing Murder Ballads, but was not an individual "pick"... until NOW!! ... I'm doing a little victory dance in my head... THANK YOU, JEFF ROSENBURG!!! ... You are now my new, sexy boyfriend... I'm opening for Ms. Nellie McKay, a firecracker, for sure... I think I will bring her a little gift, I am so darned happy!!

early show, Friday @ Doug Fir @7p... hope to see you there... if not, then hope to see you Saturday @ the Derby!!... Or see you @ Talking Heads vs. The Cure... !!

March 25th, 2008

Caroline @ Mississippi Studios emailed me and asked me if I wanted to play 4 songs @ a Tom Waits Tribute Night on May 2nd. I emailed back, “Does The Pope shit in the woods?!!” I’m totally excited about this one. I’ve spent the weekend trying to pick 4 Tom songs... Not an easy task! See, I never thought I was “one of those” Tom Waits fans, yet my original brainstorming session included over 40 songs that might be nice to play. Who am I kidding? I love the guy and no longer consider myself a closet admirer.
My 22-year-old black cat is still alive.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I was conceived on Valentine’s Day...

My birthday is Nov. 21... I figure 9 months between February & November, 7 days (for fertilization & ovulation) between the 14th & the 21st...
I tell this story every year...
See, I spent many a lonely, solo Valentine's Day by myself...
I didn't want to be the type of person who hates love...
I did the math...
As a result, I've celebrated many a Merry Conception Day; not so many Valentine's Days...
I will share this story @ my Doug Fir show...
I am a nerd...

Monday, Jan. 28th
Welcome to Amoree’s Own Personal Insomniac Theater. Lordy, I have that wonderful bug that’s been going around. But I managed to play a pretty great set on Thursday at The Doug Fir (with The Stolen Sweets & 3 Leg Torso) despite not having a voice. Adrienne from Autopilot and Edgar from theXplodingboys helped me out on some songs and did a knock-out job. Robert Smith, I mean The Drowning Man, I mean, Cedric from theXplodingboys, hopped up on stage for an impromptu version of A Night Like This. Fun all around.

I’m doing a series of shows with Lisa Maria Stringfield. Christopher (THGP) and I are starting up another band. (So if you know of any kick ass drummers, guitarists, or dual-instrument musicians, please send them our way.) Kathryn Hoffman, Adam Goldman, Mike Weaver, Nate Jayne, & I are working up a new act. Plus, many, many piano students.

Oh, and I have a super-cute boy crashing here!
No wonder I’m out of energy!

Sept 7, 2007
Things are looking up, or at least they’re looking busy! I have lots of fun stuff on the horizon. First, B.O.O.B.S., a benefit for Breast Cancer survivors @ Berbati’s on Sept. 15th. I will be stage-managing 20 super-hot, half- (if not fully-) naked 30-year-olds. Nothing says “Breast Cancer Survivor” like a well-placed pastie! Thursday, Sept. 27th has me playing at my favorite haunt, Beulahland (NE 28th & Couch) for Ms. Kathryn Hoffman’s Last Thursday Art Showing. I *heart* Beulahland. I *heart* Ms. Kathryn. Thursday, October 4th, I will be at Berbati’s Pan with The Rainy States & Autopilot.
It’s that time of year, again: Grand Guignol @ The Crimson Ballroom (NE 7th & Dekum)! I will be accompanying The Tragedies annual Halloween production, which is by far the weirdest show I’ve ever played. (Even more weird than the show with the Peptol Dismal Clowns!) A little vaudeville, a little comedy, a little horror... And I will be playing the same piano I’ve had since I was 14! (It’s a glorious machine: cigarette burns, tacks on the hammers, well-loved, and often-played.) The show runs October 11th through the 31st, Th/Fr/Sat. (Yes, I know that Halloween in on a Wednesday. Fun thing: the 4th of July, Halloween, and my birthday fall on the same weekday every year!)
Lastly, theXplodingboys will be playing an acoustic set at The 9 Muses Café on Belmont on Friday, Oct. 26th. I’ll be pulling out the accordion for a pre-Halloween night of music by The Cure. (Cedric makes a wonderful “Robert”!) Hope to see you at one or all!
(Ps. Yes, Virginia, I do give piano lessons (

May 28, 2007 -
This is not my month: lost my cat, lost my job, lost my keys, lost my cell phone, and am about to lose my @&* mind! Let's be honest: I am not an Office Drone, I am a Musician, and it's about time that I started acting like one, again! I have gotten myself on a number of bills - my favorite of which is Morgan Grace's CD release on July 6th @ Towne Lounge. I have joined The X-ploding Boys - A Cure Tribute Band, which is really weird because I'm not one of those "Cure fans - you know the type! (I am now playing with four of them!) And I'm lighting a fire under the Genome's butts to get that damn cd done! I want "product" in my hands! And lastly (wish me luck), PDXPopNow! has sent me an email requesting some material! Perhaps I'll make the festival? Hope to see you @ the shows! akl
PS/FYI: Jagermeister & Diet Coke in a pound glass, no ice.

Nov 6, 2006 -
Much love to Jen Bernard and her ragingly successful (and final) Night of the Murder Ballad X. It was great to see everyone and listen to the Best of the Best. Lisa Maria Stringfield and I got a nice little mention in the Oregonian. (More Lisa than me, but I'm still going to take some credit.) And Grand Guinol was an equally icky, messy success! (You wouldn't believe how much blood can come out of a brain!) Thanks, very much, to cast and crew... hope you enjoy the Frogs!

In other news - The Human Genome Project has a couple of rough mixes up online for your listening pleasure. Adam Goldman, the engineering genius behind my recent EP Six Sadistic Songs for Children, is, again, behind the helm. Jairus and I will be performing a Tim Buckley song @ Lisa Maria's Jeff Buckley Tribute Night @ the Fez Ballroom on Sat Nov 11th. Proceeds are going to Tiger Haven, my new favorite charity.

And lastly - my birthday's coming up on the 21st. Yes... Scorpio... w/ a Sagitarian cusp. (It makes me a bit of a hot head. Fortunately, I have a Libra Rising, which makes for a kinder, gentler Scorpio.)

Sept 5, 2006 -
I'm pleased to pass along this news - In the good company of my friend and colaborator Lisa Stringfield, we will provide the music for a Turn-of-the-Previous-Century French Horror Theater production called Grand Guinol. The play runs Oct 12th thru Oct 28th at the Old Chuch on Alberta Street in Portland, OR. Please check the shows page for specific performance times and dates.
It is also with great pleasure that I take part in Jen Bernard's 10th annual (but sadly the final installment of the infamous) Night of the Murder Ballad. This event has grown from the intimate Laurelthirst to the spacious Fez Ballroom to a final round at Portland's swanky Aladdin Theater. The evening will be a best of the best of performances over the years with surely a few surprises. Please join us! Aug 9 , 2006 -
Exciting news from Lovell Laboratories! My other band The Human Genome Project is getting ready to release our debut album this November. We're excited to share this project with you so please stay tuned for updates as we inch closer to the unveiling! In the meantime, I will be posting upcoming performance dates just as soon as I have them to please keep checking back for those. Have you made friends with me on myspace yet? Come say hello -čelovell

Feb 28, 2006 -
As you can see my new site is up and running. Thanks so much to my friend and webmaster Morgan Grace. It looks terrific. My new album is now available on! So much hard work from so many good folks that I have the pleasure of knowing. Thanks for waiting..after three years of talking about it, it is finally available. Please check it out here.

Some other new things going on - I've hired myself a booking agent and will be hard at work with him planning a tour to New York this May. I've also been accepted onto the roster of the latest and greatest booking agency in town House of Cards. The brainchild of Jen Bernard and Pete Krebs, this new outfit specializes in weddings and special events. I'm really looking forward to getting out there and playing in promotion of Six Sadistic Songs for Children so keep an eye out for me! The CD release party will be announced shortly.
See you soon!
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